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B for Bernadette or what I called her Banu

About Me

       School Teacher by day and a baker by night. I love making cake pops and bringing a bit of sweetness to one's day. I started making cake pops back in 2014. It was a way of expressing my curious and expressive side.  It started as a hobby and a DIY gift I would make for others.

It wasn't until that very year I was asked to make cake pops for a wedding. I did not think much of it until my mom had once told me: "Ou ta dwe vann yo. Mwen pral nan lari a e vann yo pou ou." She always found a way to encourage me and support me, especially if that meant spending time with her in the kitchen and just talking

She would always call me Tina- finding a way to refer to me using my middle name (Christina)  which I loved. Hence the name Chrissy short for Christina. With her recent passing, cake pops have become my therapy. The sweetness in her is what I hope to share with others

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